Our current need – our monthly needs!

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️We need your help, the animals in Elfesworld Thailand need you now and in the future – more than ever️ every SINGLE MONTH…
Dear friends, supporters, sponsors, followers and members of the group, we are in an ‼️emergency mode and kindly ask you to read this and to help if it is possible‼️

As many people say and as everybody can see on our pictures, our dogs are well fed, well cared for and get medical care if needed. They are cared for daily by our thai helpers and by Elfe and don’t miss a thing. This is or better WAS possible thanks to your help, your donations, your sponsorships, but also thanks to an anonymous supporter, who helped to plug the monthly financial holes over the years <3

Unfortunately she cannot do this anymore and we are currently facing DISASTER :'( The sponsorships do not by far cover the monthly expenses, also because 100 dogs are lacking sponsors. These incoming amounts cover food and parasite control. It means that costs like medicine, special needs food, vet care, salaries for helpers, rent for the land where the shelter is built on, repairs in the shelter, house and car, electricity, water and gas are not covered by the sponsorships.

❌The monthly deficit amounts 3.000 – 5.000 euros ❌(3500 – 6000 USD / 4500 – 7600 CAD / 4800 – 8000 AUD) depending on how much repairs or vet care are needed!!

We need help, EVERY MONTH, to be able to take good care of the dogs!

We have to cut costs, have to save on the quality of the food, the staff, and hereby the quality of the care for our dogs, but also on vet care, on medicine, diapers, powder and special food for the sick dogs, all this has a dramatic impact on the well being of our dogs but also on Elfe, who has to watch helplessly when sick dogs for example cannot get the treatment they need and deserve… :'(

Less expensive food is of course of lower quality, which in turn means that dogs get more vulnerable and can more often suffer of nutritional deficiencies and intestinal or skin related problems. It is a vicious circle Elfe’s car is rusted through and not safe anymore, but no way she can get it repaired. But if anything happens to her…what happens then…what happens to the dogs❓

We do not know how we can continue on a long term, because this ‼️financial gap will now be there EVERY MONTH…. ‼️We know that many think “oh they are doing ok, they have thousands of followers and members”. Yes, we do, but only a small fraction supports us financially…appearances are deceptive.

Many think our dogs are not in danger of death so they help elsewhere, in Bosnia, Romania, Hungary, where the dogs are waiting in kill shelters….We do understand this, but our dogs also once where in immediate danger of death, before Elfe rescued them, from the streets or the dog meat trade…❌But only to rescue isn’t enough, the follow up is as important, they need the food and the care here and now too❌ We owe it to them ! Wasn’t it our common goal that they should never suffer again❓

To reduce the amount of dogs would be a necessity, but is only possible through adoptions which are rare because much more complicated than in between european countries. And also because people think the needs are not as urgent here in Thailand, so they adopt from shelters where the living conditions for the dogs are much worse. But we will not be able to hold our high standards and our happy dogs if there’s not enough money anymore. Will we only get more help when our dogs too live in horrible conditions❓

We thank all supporters, donors, sponsors, who have helped and supported us over the years, and those who came to us more recently, who care for their sponsor pups as if they were their own, who help us as best as they can, we are so appreciative and eternally grateful for your big help. We thank all those who are always by our side when the going gets tough, you are our rock in turbulent times and give us strength to go on <3

But you are too few :'( we need MORE SUPPORTERS, MORE SPONSORS, MORE FINANCIAL HELP, otherwise we will not be able to provide for a good life for all our doggies and this breaks our heart

This is the actual situation, we cannot and want not to embellish it anymore. We need your help, the animals in Elfesworld Thailand need your help, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. Thank you!

Paypal and bank account

Reference: Emergency pot

PAYPAL: elfesworldsamui@gmail.com

Elisabeth Feigl
Sparkasse Niederbayern-Mitte
IBAN: DE40742500000000464271

acc. no. 623 – 247086 – 5
miss elisabeth franziska feigl
the siam commercial bank thailand
koh samui branch
94/3 moo 3 tb. angthong
koh samui, suratthani 84140 thailand



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