Please become a sponsor – the dogs and cats need you
Please become a sponsor – the dogs and cats need you
Food sponsorship for dogs rescued in Thailand
We are hungry, please fill our tummies

Many hungry little mouths are still looking for sponsors. Part-sponsorships are also possible.

The sponsorship for dogs costs 22.00 EUR per month, for cats 16.00 EUR per month.

Please have a look at our Facebook photo album ’Looking for a sponsor which features the sweet furries still seeking kind sponsors.

Only through sponsorships and donations is it possible for the many animals to stay happy, healthy, safe and loved in ElfesWorld Thailand. If you have fallen in love with an animal and want to become its sponsor, then please contact us.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our kind sponsors for their loyal support – without you we could not survive.


In our Facebook photo album ’Looking for a sponsor’ you will find ALL animals looking for kind sponsors:

Lookinf for a sponsor Facebook photo album

(Just follow the link, The album ist public and can be watched without being logged in a Facebook account!)



♥ ♥ How does an animal sponsorship work? ♥ ♥

Patenschaften Elfes World Thailand
Only with your help will we have enough to eat


In principle, anybody can become a sponsor of an animal. You choose an animal and tell us by e-mail, private message on our Facebook page.

The sponsorship should cover the food and parasite protection for the animal. Sponsorship amounts can be paid monthly or even in advance for a longer period.

In return, sponsors will receive, at regular intervals,  up-to-date information and photos of their sponsored animal. And they will make a small doggy or kitty soul well-fed and happy.


!!! ♥ ♥ Sponsorships can be divided between several sponsors (part-sponsorships) ♥ ♥ !!!


The animals in ElfesWorld Thailand are very grateful to you. Everybody decides their own length of sponsorship. If somebody can no longer pay, or does not want to, we just ask for a brief message. Thank you!


Bank Accounts



Payments from EU (SEPA): 

Bitte sendet Eure Unterstützung per (SEPA) Überweisung an das deutsche Konto.
Please transfer your donation via (SEPA)bank transfer to the German bank account


Payments from Non EU:

Please use Wise oder Western Union
For payments from non EU countries please use Wise or Western Union to the Thai Bank account
Using option -> „transfer to bank account“ . With Western Union please use also the option -> „Send message to Receiver“ 


Deutsche Bankverbindung / German account

Elisabeth Feigl
Sparkasse Straubing-Bogen
IBAN: DE40 7425 0000 0000 4642 71


Thai Bank Account / Thai Konto

acc. no. 623 – 247086 – 5
miss elisabeth franziska feigl
the siam commercial bank thailand
koh samui branch
94/3 moo 3 tb. angthong
koh samui, suratthani 84140 thailand