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We would like to introduce you to those who care for the dogs:

Elisabeth Feigl – Elfe


For more than 10 years, Elisabeth Feigl has been looking after the animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and she loves every single one of them like her own child. She knows each one thoroughly including, of course, the names, provenance, character and pecularities of all 670 animals. Over the years she has rescued hundreds of half-dead dogs from the streets and lovingly revived them, sometimes in her bedroom.

Between 60 to 100 dogs and some cats in need of care live with her in the house. They are animals that, for various reasons, cannot live in the shelter compound or that stay with her for a while until they can be integrated into shelter life. She does not have helpers in the house and does all work herself, including the daily cleaning. The most important thing for Elisabeth has always been the close relationship with each animal and to spend as much time as possible with the dogs. Thus she is able to spot possible illnesses or incompatibilities immediately and take appropriate action. This is the only way to ensure that all animals get optimal care. Most animals living with Elfe get to a great old age.425687_244870598935090_967445292_n

IAs many dogs as space allows sleep on Elfe’s bed. Some of the dogs are her constant companions during every car trip. You’ll never meet Elfe not being surrounded by dogs; she would not feel complete without them. Before employing Mr. Fak and his helpers at the shelter, Elfe cared for the animals in both places alone or with just one part-time helper, which meant that she constantly travelled between house and shelter to ensure that all were well looked after. For a single person, this requires a lot of effort, strength and nerves.  The love for the animals and the pleasure to see
them healthy and happy compensates for these efforts and every day provides her with strength and encouragement.

Elfe spends her whole life with the daily care and ministration of the animals and all it involves. This does not allow time for social contacts or events, holidays or free weekends because the animals need her every day, year in, year out.

She is very grateful for what she has been able to achieve for the animals in this time through hard work and dedication, but above all through the support and assistance of kind helpers, sponsors and donors. She was able to alleviate serious suffering and to make many animals happy which would not have survived without her intervention.


The helpers team

Elfesworld_Thailand_StaffThe helpers are responsible for their respective enclosures, which they clean and in which they care for the animals and attend to them. All helpers love the dogs and cats and like interacting with them. We are very lucky with our helpers who are rarely ill or unreliable. A supervisor , of course, always has to keep an eye on them, instruct them and supervise their work.

Their main work consists of cleaning the enclosures as well as checking the security of the enclosures and to check daily, within each pack, each animal for physical/health anomalities, to observe the behaviour of the animals within the pack and to take action in case of need.

We are very grateful to have found a team and hope that they will stay with us for a long time!


Our Admin Team

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We get administrative help from dear Britta Hwass-Neyrat and Ulla Elsenheimer. They look after the Facebook page and groups, are the contacts for sponsors and those who would like to become ones.

They answer questions, look after this website, give information about us, create new campaigns for donations, organise adoptions and the journeys of the lucky furries, and help us with advice and action. They do all this as volunteers in their free time.

Thank you so very much for your huge efforts and commitment, without you Elfe would be helpless, because she hardly has time to sit at her computer due to the intensive care of the many animals.


Christine Sudmann
13556006_10153674372576444_1754443854_o (Kopie)Without our dear Christine and her husband Detlef the animals could not travel to their new homes.

Christine takes the dogs into her home in Bangkok; then 1 – 2 days before departure she takes them to the airport quarantine office so that they can get their final export papers. She cares for the dogs with such love and dedication, she ensures that they lack nothing and copes admirably with the administrative demands. On the day of departure, she takes the dogs to the airport, checks them in and makes sure that all goes well. Without Christine, who took over this task from our dear Britta, none of the dogs of the last two years could not have travelled to their new homes. We can rely upon her 100% and know that our dogs are in the best hands.

Additionally, she regularly helps us with medical emergencies which need to go to Bangkok for treatment. Again, she keeps them mainly at her home, takes them to the vet and lovingly cares for our patients. Our sweet Kelsey, with sadly an inoperable tumour in her mouth, even stays now with Christine and Detlef, so that she can spend her final months being cared for in peace and with the necessary attention and medical treatment. Her husband Detlef supports her enormously in this.

Many thanks to both of you for your great love for the animals and your limitless dedication.