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❤Grezna ❤ is already the happiest pampered and loved pet
she we dreamed years of it – we dreamt years of it… She finally made it to a loving familiy of her own. Grezna was rescued from the DMT in 2013 and lived with us since. She got more and more despearate as she loves and needed human attention so much. She got bitten and thus became one of the most urgents dogs to find a home. Her personal dream finally came true. Dear Megan Hart decided to let Grezna’s dream come true. She adopted our sweet girl. We wish this to become true for many more of our dogs who are are desperately looking for a home. Please have a look – we need some more dreams to become true! Thanks!
Thanks to everyone who helped to get Grezna to happines ❤


Please help us to help these poor souls


Goal reached – Your help is urgently needed